We help young people and adults learn and improve their ability to speak English


Frequently Asked Questions


Who we are?

Mava helps young people and adults learn to speak English online using Zoom. English is very helpful when you travel the world and when you want to access some of the best universities around the world. It also increases your hiring and business potential around the world.


What are the main services you are offering?

We help young people and adults learn and improve their ability to speak English.


How can I select my tutor?

We recommend the best tutors for all our English learners.


What are the tutor's background nationality and qualifications?

Our tutors come from multinational backgrounds. They are all excellent English speakers with experience in tutoring English to young people and adults.


What makes you better than other academy offering the same service?

Our tutors are specialists in a variety of fields, including economics, physics, engineering, medicine, accounting, teaching, finance, environment, etc., which offers learners opportunities to learn English from many different perspectives.


How can I schedule my lessons?

The learners can decide the date and time for lessons.


What will happen if I miss my class?

If you notify us within 24 hours, the lesson will be rescheduled. If you miss the lesson without prior notification, the lesson cannot be rescheduled.


Can I have a free trial for the first time, or first free class to try?

Yes, you can have a 20-minute free trial lesson. After the trial lesson, you are welcome to start lessons if you are happy but if you are not happy, you will not start lessons.


Can I change my tutor?

Yes, you can notify us when you want to change the tutor and it will be done.


Is it a video lesson or audio?

It is a video lesson done using Zoom, and you can ask earlier to record it, if the learner would like to keep the copy for free


Do you have any special offers for regular student or group registration?

30 lessons per month (10% discount) - 30 minutes per lesson

15 lessons per month (5% discount) - 30 minutes per lesson


How to contact you if I have any concerns/complaints?

Mobile number: 059 949 5199

Email: Saudi@mava.co.za


Do you have a free e-library on your site?

We use Google to search for new information.


Is their break time during the lessons (30 min exclude the break or included)?

There is no break but if the learner requires a break because each lesson is 30 minutes. However, should a learner require a break, it will be made possible.


Do you offer me free lessons if I invited some students to join your academy?

Yes, you will get one free lesson for every student that you introduce.


How can I keep in touch with my tutor?

You will only be able to keep in touch with the tutor only during the lesson.


Can I choose a female tutor?

If you require a female tutor, we will assign a female tutor


Can the parents interact with the tutor during the lesson?

Yes, parents can interact with the tutor.


What happens when I want to cancel lessons?

When you decide to cancel lessons, you will receive a full refund for all the lessons that you have not yet attended. However, you will not get a refund for the lessons that you have already attended.

  • $64 USD 

    6 Online English lessons per month @ 30 minutes per lesson

  • $160 USD

    15 Online English lessons per month @ 30 minutes per lesson

  • $320 USD 

    30 Online English lessons per month @ 30 minutes per lesson

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